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This poem removes the dust on the surface of knowledge.

Poem: Questions


Some people will ask questions

Not to stir the bowl of controversy

But out of desperation

To try and understand

To peel away the layer of blindness

And peep into the eternal awareness

But questions are not the right medium

To illuminate the vast arena of consciousness

And stimulate a beautiful array of answers

If you want to sip the water of the spirit

You don’t ask questions

You undress yourself

From all the questions

And walk naked inside the ocean of awareness

It’s your openness and your willingness

That will soak the particles of light

And bathe your mind, body and soul with knowledge

In spirituality, there are no questions or answers

There is revelation and illumination

There is hope and light

There is peace and love

There is knowledge, understanding and wisdom

To understand first you must undress your mind of all doubts

To know first you must allow your body, mind and spirit to be empty

Wisdom will then flow into the vessel of your spirit

Awareness will be your knowledge, understanding and wisdom



Kenneth Maswabi






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