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This poem is a song of victory

Poem: Rescued by the hands of Silence


In my makeshift burrow

There were no ordinary troubles

The dark clouds was hanging low

A blitzkrieg of thunderous thoughts

Occupied the whole of my mind

Peace was not a predetermined condition

I was ambushed while I was resting my soul

On the softest pillow of peace

It was like a tornado has entered my world

Shattering the windows to my soul

All my peace and hope were blown to smithereens

I could not believe my eyes

Looking in the mirror of hopelessness

I was a ghost inside the walls of this tormented world

I was hospitalized inside the ruins of hope

It was not actually a sad day, the sun was shining and birds were singing

But i was miserable beyond words

Like minced meat, I was a heap of shredded existence

Then, I remembered my heart

It has always been my refuge

A beautiful shelter in desperate times

I was immediately enveloped inside the veil of Silence

Nothing could touch me from here

I was a distant speck of light

Not even the eyes of hopelessness could see me

I was inside the sacred abode of God

Where hope is served fresh

And unconditional love is a remedy for everything

I was inside the home of Silence

And everything was silent

Except for the pillar of hope

That stood erect inside my being

It was singing a beautiful song

It was the song of redemption

I was absolved from all of my fears


©Kenneth Maswabi


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