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This poem spills the truth but remains dressed with the truth.

Poem: Reset


I am someone who don’t like to meddle in politics

Because the contents of my meddling will be construed as hostile

It will be unscrewed and spilled onto the billboard of confusion

And my message will be lost inside the stampede of foolishness

It will be taken by those unscrupulous fellas

And pasted on the wall of hatred and lies

Because they won’t like the truth

That will be spilled by my pen

But today I want to reset

And make my mind known

I am an arrow

That stabs the wicked heart

I have pierced the face of evil so many times

I am now feeling pity

For those who are brokers in these dark alleys

It is hard to look at the truth

And be different

Because the truth is you

You may choose to hide your face

Under the carpet of selfishness

And think you are invincible to the truth

The day is coming

When you will be disrobed of your deception

And be addressed in daylight

Here, your ego will evaporate

And your nakedness will be seen

I will stop here

Because I have probably overstayed

Inside these dirty trenches of politics

Be warned, reset your mind

Be in Love, be the Love


©Kenneth Maswabi


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