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This poem stands against any form of injustices including poverty and inequality.

Poem: Satisfied

Life’s satisfactions has eluded many

As the bread crumbs are not enough

To build a house of inspired children

Not so bent on continuing the cycle of suffering

It’s not their fault that they are not motivated

Because their diet does not include vitamins and minerals

It’s just a load of carbohydrates

To get them through the day

Raise your hand

If you have gone a day without food

Raise your hand if you can go a week without food

Now listen and listen hard

It’s imperative that our voice is clear

Poverty is not a disease

It’s a constructed system of social hierarchy

The poor, middle-class, the rich and the wealthy

First world and third worlds

All forms of systemic injustices

Laws enacted to continue the status quo

Police men in every corner of the streets

To stop the rebellious poor

Where are the police when corruption is reported?

They are nowhere to be found

Because it’s the poor they are looking for

Now let’s advocate for the enactment of a law

That forbids poverty

That is totally against inequality

To be enforced by the police

Then I will be satisfied

© Kenneth Maswabi



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