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This poem speaks of immeasurable suffering.

Poem: Scattered sunlight

Droplets of light
Scattered by the deluge of darkness
Wickedness left exposed for the world to see
Mothers and children driven to the dungeon of disbelief and despair
Scattered sunlight is a story of devastation and destruction of an entire country
A whole nation transplanted and broken into many pieces
Scattered sunlight is the sobering moment
When mankind is pushed into the abyss of the unknown
Reality is flung into the solid wall of madness
Reason is buried in the rubble of war
Violence is unleashed on both the young and old
Heavy artillery is used to annihilate schools, churches and hospitals
Scattered sunlight is the darkness that accompanies soldiers into the belly of war
The muted disgust and coldness of the beasts of war intertwined into dangerous ideologies
Scattered sunlight is the bluntness that shapes human thoughts into bullets and missiles
The hopelessness that envelopes all wars
©Kenneth Maswabi
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