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This poem is the undiluted truth

Poem: Science and Spirituality


There is no marriage between Science and Spirituality

It’s the undiluted truth that does not fit in a test tube

The fibre of existence can never be seen under a microscope

The character of spirituality is the antithesis of science

All elements of spirituality are fundamentally unmeasurable

It’s not the physical path that leads to the illuminated truth

It’s the Silence within that opens the door to the path of Light

Body, mind and soul are not needed at the deepest parts of spirituality

Only the spirit can survive the vastness of eternity

It’s true, science has made lots of advancement

Including the decoding of the DNA

But spirituality does not require any advanced diploma

Faith, hope and Love are the fundamental building blocks of spirituality

Atoms and the subatomic particles are the building blocks of science

There is no marriage between science and spirituality

Science gives birth to materialism

Spirituality gives birth to nothingness

The upper crust of consciousness has a character that enables science to exist

It’s the ability to ask questions

But spirituality exist at all levels of consciousness

It’s the Silence within, the illuminated Light

It’s the ocean of awareness, unconditional Love

It’s what we are….nothingness


©Kenneth Maswabi




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