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This poem is a journey from knowledge to awareness.

Poem: Searching for the perfect knowledge


In my journey of life

I took many steps

Towards my destiny

Neither did I understand

Nor comprehend

That life was not a race track

Many pointed to the classroom

Education was the key to success

I found the tree of knowledge full of juicy fruits

I became the crème de la crème of learning

I became the torch bearer in my family

I opened doors on the upper floors of education

I even went to the pinnacle of learning

Dissecting all the ligaments of knowing

I came close to the skeletal framework of knowledge

Yet I was far from the truth

I could not comprehend the basics of human life

I did not understand the purpose of humility

Or the need for compassion

I was not ready for unconditional Love

Unconditional Love was not logical

All love affairs were doomed from the beginning

With all expectations, entanglements and attachments

Life was not a platform for unconditional Love

Unconditional Love was not possible

What kind of knowledge was I missing?

Where did I go wrong?

I traced my footsteps

Looked my mother in the eye

Saw the shining spectacle of Love

I held my breath (Wow moment)

I was fed unconditional Love from my mother’s heart

I had all the ingredients of knowledge all along

I went into the classroom of logic

I saw many mathematical algorithms

It was not geometry or scientific constructs

That stimulated my mind

It was the hope of a better future that gave me clarity

It was not the elongated mathematical equations that nourished my spirit

It was the silence within that held me together

It was not the straight “As” that gave me peace

It was the spirit within that paved my path

I found the truth folded within my being

I found the fibre of existence

In my search for knowledge

My eyes (mind) were not needed

My heart was the main object of interest

It was the contents of my heart that were vital

In my pursuit of knowledge

It was the Love within

That made it possible

For me to enjoy life

If you are searching for the perfect knowledge

Seek within first



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