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This poem is the resurrection of hope.

Poem: Shattered identity


In this mirror

You are the pieces of the puzzle

Not one clue available

You have to find yourself

In the many reflections of life

Do not hold the shattered glass

It will cut through the cord of your being

Just find the bowl of your being

Inside the many faces

Remember you are not any identity

All identities have been shattered

You are not the reflections

Of all your memories

You are something else

You are the light that comes from the mirror

Regardless of the piece of glass

Your reflection is clear

You are not broken

But always flowing

From any piece of broken glass

You can find your way home

From all the many shattered identities

You are none

You are the unidentifiable

You are the fibre of existence

Life flows through you

Consciousness emanates from you

You are the builder of reality

You are the spirit of all identities

You hold none in your being

Just the unfathomable presence

God Almighty is your being

You are the sacrifice

The altar

And the Love

Be in Love

Be the Love


©Kenneth Maswabi



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