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This poem is a beautiful outing.

Poem: Silence is a beautiful sky


Like an open canvas of dreams

Silence is a beautiful sky

Fully displayed inside the realm of the spirit

It takes only a moment to be present inside this sacred atmosphere

But one has to let go of his heavy load of thoughts, emotions and experiences

One has to leave the present life behind the curtain of meaninglessness

And reach down in to the heart

Just for a while, one can breathe the air of heaven

One can be enveloped by the presence of peace

Unlike the skies of this mundane world

The skies of heaven are not made up of turmoil

Everything is weaved on the fabric of unconditional Love

The pillars of certainty are clearly visible

The pedestal of hope is everywhere

There is no time to waste,

Timelessness is an important event

Life becomes a beautiful dream

That wraps around the substance of being

Existence is the inner beauty

Inside this canvas of nothingness

Just for a while, all delusions are erased

And the truth is unfolded

Peace, hope, freedom and happiness

Like branches on the tree of consciousness

They are the scaffold on which the spirit rests

A nest inside the sacred abode of God

Like an invincible panorama of the perfect life

God is everywhere

Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient

This is the realm of eternity, the everlasting life


©Kenneth Maswabi




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