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This poem is a path of silence.

Poem: Silence


Silence is not a cup of coffee

Not measured by its flavour

Or the number of cups consumed

Those who seek after the truth consume Silence

It’s is a meal for dreamers, seekers and lovers

And those who have left their material pursuits

Foraging faraway in the outskirts of consciousness

It’s for the sons and daughters of light

Those who walk the path of certainty

Clearly enveloped by the intensity of their search

They are drawn to the table of Silence

To nourish the garden of their spirit

And cultivate a rich spiritual appetite

That will lead them on

To the tabernacle of truth

It’s the deep sensation of the spirit

Awakened by the movement of Silence

In our innermost being

That holds our mind, body and soul still

Submerging us into the ocean of nothingness

As we place our worldly bodies

Onto the altar of Love

We are transformed into heavenly beings

Spiritual entities that are made of emptiness

Our body, mind and soul folded into oneness

We rise beyond the natural realm

Into the vastness of the eternal Light

Our faith, hope and Love fully displayed

Our eyes closed and our ears folded

Our path illuminated

We are now residents of the vast ocean of awareness

The abode of the Holy Spirit

It’s here where we find ourselves

Totally naked except for the garment of Love

We have arrived on the pedestal of existence

The vastness of our being unveiled

The ocean of Love is the Truth

That we sought with all our hearts

It’s pure bliss

That inhabits our being

We are the fabric of Love

Love is our everlasting freedom




Kenneth Maswabi







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