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This poem is a goodbye to all the mothers who passed away due to the pandemic.

Poem: So many mothers have gone


Let the sun not set

So that we can weep

Let our sorrow be heard

Covid-19 disease has stolen from us

Took all our dear mothers

Swallowed our hopes

In a span of sixteen months

We witnessed the barbaric attack

On the pillars of our societies

One by one, they fell

Into the gushing sludge of death

This is not right

For mothers to leave their children behind

Never to be heard from again

We waited by the telephone

Hoping to hear the whispering voice

From beyond the grave

Telling us that it will be alright

We searched our hearts

For our mother’s Love

We couldn’t bear the thought

That our mother is gone forever

I pray today for all those who lost their mothers

To be strong and courageous

Our mothers were gentle giants

Walking among us

Now, there are no more

We can only hope

That we can be like them

Withstand the harsh seasons of life

And yet be able to smile

To love unconditionally

Amidst the storms of life

To nourish and cherish others

Regardless of our circumstances

So long dear mothers, so long


©Kenneth Mothers




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