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This poem paints the face of sorrow.

Poem: So much sadness


Soaked in the contents of sorrow

I am a deserted field

All my flora and fauna gone

My rivers of living water evaporated

There are no trees to hold my breath

And no birds to sing my songs

I am a hot puffy desert

Full of sadness

My grains of sand are hardened

By the absence of hope

Only sand dunes of hopelessness

Dress my landscape

Pierced by deep stabbing arrows of death

I am inside a hostile dream

All my hopes flew away

The thorns and the fever

Are my blankets

Death has extinguished my fire

Now I am enveloped

By the cold blanket of sorrow

I have no one

To vanquish my pain

And hold my pale face

Inside their arms

I am alive

Inside the lifeless casket of life

Death is my companion and my tombstone

I am a bridegroom

And sorrow is my maiden of honour

My wedding day has been shattered

By the ferocious hand of Covid-19 disease


©Kenneth Maswabi




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