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This poem looks at the positive aspects of social media.

Poem: Social media


You are the greatest among your world-wide web friends

Bringing together a community of human beings

To undress their everyday desires, dreams and stories

And address each other

Whether in complete kindness

Or sometimes in anger

You have manipulated the human psyche

Puncturing through the thick shell

You found an oasis of humanity

Erasing the boundary between continents (& countries)

You brought us closer together

Destroying the erected wall of ignorance and racial segregation

You united us regardless of race or creed

You bound us with your super cool applications (Apps)

We may not agree at all times

But at least we are talking, chatting and posting

Layer by layer

We shall reveal the truth about each other

Opening a channel of communication

Into our deepest thoughts

We shall conquer our fears

And dissect our differences

Together, we shall be victorious

We will fight our wars

Here on your platform

We will sort out disputes

And set the tone for diplomacy

We will sort through the lies

And remove the curtain of uncertainty

We will achieve our long lost goals

We will open the vault of our collective consciousness

And sweep through each and every crevice

We will wipe clean the shelves

Then will pour our cleansed selves

Into the vault of human conscious

We will not sleep

Until each and every one of us has been distilled

Refined and bottled

Into a most magnificent human being

It may take time

But it’s a task we are willing to finish

Let’s hold hands

Through thick and thin

Let’s agree to disagree

And disagree to agree

So that the threat of human conflict

Is swallowed by the books of history

Together, we shall look to the future

And pray for a better tomorrow

For our children and grandchildren

We shall be a generation of human beings

That surpassed all generations

We shall be Lovers, dreamers and seekers

We shall fill the cup of humanity

With Love, hope and a common vision, mission and goals

Love shall be our compass

Our religion and our politics


©Kenneth Maswabi






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