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This poem unveils the depth of my being

Poem: Sometimes I am Poetry


In my pursuit of poetry

I have come across excellent thoughts

Not the ones clothing me with ego

But those which are selfless

Allowing me to submerge myself

Into nothingness

I have come across a vast area of Silence

Not even thoughts lived there

It was a garden of nothingness

And only my heart could see

The lush wilderness of emptiness

That occupied the fibre of being

I was the substance of Silence

Inside the molecule of nothingness

That roamed the vastness of this eternal realm

All of existence was swallowed by this beautiful garden

The pervasive feeling of loneliness was not welcome here

I could feel the elusive substance of my being

Totally naked inside the bowl of life

I could feel my true self

Not tainted by knowledge

Or any fabric of materialism

I could feel the words (poems)

Oozing out of my being

Poetry is found deep within

The substance of my being

Sometimes I am poetry

Don’t be offended

When I touch you or feed you poetry

I am a breeze

Sometimes a blizzard

And many times just a clear sky

Illuminated by the light of poetry


©Kenneth Maswabi




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