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This poem takes you back to the basics.

Poem: Soul searchers


It’s not uncommon for the matrix of life to clog with questions or debris

It’s wise to get a beautiful broom for your mind, body and soul

It’s imperative to put aside some time for soul searching

It’s not unusual for one to look into the mirror of the heart

And find bitterness, fear, anxiety and other contaminants of life

It’s truly beautiful to disassembly your state of being

And correctly place your thoughts and emotions in their folders

You need to permanently delete the judgement folder

It’s not worth keeping a list of sins (whether yours or for others)

The vault of your being is not a place for judgement

You need to create some space for emptiness

This is not a junk folder

It’s a field for reflections and self-appraisals

It’s a place for silence to germinate in your life

And stillness to bind your mind, body and spirit

It’s a place for hope, faith and love

It’s a temple, an altar and a house of God

It’s a well of life-giving waters

A place of rest and nourishment of the soul


©Kenneth Maswabi



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