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This poem is speaking to you.

Poem: Speaking to you


Sometimes I feel your tears

Run through my swollen eyes

It’s your sorrow

That fills my veins

It’s your pain

That is poured into my cup

I cannot enjoy the happy moments anymore

You have become my blanket of sorrow

You are my only path to happiness

I have a plan to take us out of this pain

I am going to speak to you

Speaking to you is only the beginning

I hope you can open up

And we can talk

We will talk about the empty blue sky

About the silliness of the season

We will empty our bowl of pain

Into the limitless sea of hope

We will find our togetherness

Inside the cup of nothingness

We will be reunited

By the oneness of our spirit

Surely joy will dress our hearts

And happiness will find our souls

I am praying for the moment

When our hearts will be opened

And poured into the tree of life

Love will blossom again

And our hearts will be renewed

Our tears will be wiped

Our sorrow will disintegrate

Our spirit will be free


Dedicated to all people affected by Depression

©Kenneth Maswabi





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