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This poem is a call to go back to our true selves.

Poem: Spiritual awakening starts now

It’s between the logical mind and the loving heart
That we find ourselves pulled to and fro
Submerged in a life and death warfare
Our sleep disturbed
Our lives torn apart
On one hand, the desire to pray, praise and worship God is beyond our control
On the other hand, we want to hold tight to materialism
Greed and selfishness are our temporal source of happiness
Our desire to hold mathematical equations in our minds is strong
Questioning everything from the luminous sunshine
To the pedestal of the mind – consciousness
We are hospitalized inside life’s problems
Bartered by the many questions
That arises from the logical thought
Mathematics just like any other man-made equation
Cannot be erased without proof
On the other hand we find ourselves engulfed
In the storms of life
Fear and courage
Fighting an unending war
Love and hate
Tormenting each other
Goodness and evil
Wrestling for the human heart
We are forgetful
And chase after time and space
To solve our problems
There is nothing impossible
Inside the heavens and earth
But one thing is certain
Mankind cannot go on
To live “outside” the walls of consciousness (Love)
And be scattered by the winds of time
It’s imperative for humanity to stand still
And know that “I AM” is GOD
To hold tight to the ship of prayer, meditation and silence
This is not the time to illuminate our egocentric minds
Or erect monuments for our shallow achievements
This is the time for spiritual awakening
©Kenneth Maswabi

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