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This poem is a warning…a source of hope or hopelessness. Man has a choice to make.

Poem: Spiritual desolation


It’s not a fairy tale

Or a nightmare

It’s as real as life

Man was made for glory

Made in the image of God

Man is the true garment of Love

Now, man holds the sceptre of choice

To be humble, compassionate and be full of hope

Or to be deceitful and be full of venom

Love is the everlasting garment

For those who holds onto the truth

Love is the overflowing cup of life

For those who wear the crown of peace

It’s the aftermath

The absence of Love

That opens the pit of darkness

Spiritual desolation is not a place for man

The soul is an everlasting entity

Dressed in Love

The soul shines like a million stars

Sacred and above reproach

Glorified and sanctified

In the desolate spirit world

Where Love is absent

The soul is hopelessness

A ghost in the dark

The soul loses its spark

And becomes darkness

Evil is born in this darkness

A ferocious dimension unveiled

It’s not the pain that paints this realm

It’s the absence of Love

The hopelessness and the dejection

The everlasting sorrow

That inflate this existence


©Kenneth Maswabi



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