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This poem unveils the madness within…the spirit is insane.

Poem: Spiritual Insanity


I have been diagnosed with a rare condition

It’s not an illness out of the Pandora’s box

It is a passport to enter the gates of heaven

It’s freedom to walk on the fabric of eternity

It is peace of mind and the beauty of existence

I have been prescribed Silence as therapy and as food

I have been given peace as a mode of transport

Within the boundary of life and outside the gates of existence

I have seen the ocean of awareness

It’s not a place to be blind

It’s a place full of Light

I have found the secret to the mystery of existence

It’s not hidden in other people’s minds or hearts

It’s the river of life that nourishes my spirit and bathes my life

It’s the substance of my being

Totally illuminated

Full of faith, hope and Love

I am madness poured on the pavement of life

Not to be confused with the harsh conditions of life

It’s the lubrication that oils the wheels of existence

It’s the vessel that channels the flow of Love

My insanity is Love

And my medicine is Love

At the peak of this madness

There is only Love to be consumed and to feed others


©Kenneth Maswabi





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