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This poem avails the path to self-awakening.

Poem: Spiritual lessons


Find your heart

Be truthful

Open the door

Don’t judge

There is a lot of stuff

Beautiful stuff

Disgusting stuff





Don’t touch any of it

Just acknowledge its presence

Now ask yourself

Do you want peace, happiness and love?

Are you willing to undress yourself?

And address the elephant in the room

If your answer is yes

You are half-way through

Now step out of your heart

Close the door

Feel your pulse

Relax, meditate or pray

Pray and pray some more

Ask yourself

What are your expectations in life?

What are you attachments?

What are your identities?

What are your achievements?

Let all of it go

It’s painful to let go

It’s the death of ego

Lose your control, identities and expectations

And you will enter into the tunnel of hope

Ego is an illusion

You were never in control

Practice letting go of things

You don’t have to throw them away

Just let it go out from your heart

All of it, chuck it away (spiritually)

Until you are free

Now you have one more thing to do

Learn to consume silence (stillness)

Fill your body, mind and soul with silence

Let silence swallow you

Just be (nothingness)

You are now in the realm of the spirit

Fear, hopelessness, despair and pain don’t exist here

Just peace, happiness and contentment

The only assignment now

Practise unconditional Love

Be gentle, kind, humble

Be in Love

Be the Love

You have reached eternity

God is your home


©Kenneth Maswabi







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