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This poem is what spirituality is all about…Love.

Poem: Spiritual matters


Swallow this pill

Do not hide your face

From matters of the spirit

Your life is a capsule for the soul

It’s the spiritual matters that invigorates your spirit

Giving you permission to hold the cup of life

Allowing you to wallow in joy and happiness

Do not be fooled by the billboards of life

With their packets of deceit and lies

And their golden rims enveloped in materialism

Hold onto your faith

Have hope

And be free to be you

Your true self is empty of mathematical equations

He/she is not touched by the theory of evolution

Your true self is an ocean of Love

A high tower

Holding the candle of hope

Your true self houses not selfishness

Or holds not onto materialism

Your true self is submerged in light

Beautifully crafted

A pearl in the house of God

A manuscript of Love

A masterpiece in the studio of life

You are the Silence, the emptiness and the whole universe

You are the tears, the sorrow and the night

You are the sunlight, the moonlight and the season of joy

Be strong and courageous

Hide not your face from the altar of Love

Your abundance and your peace

Are hidden inside the cup of Love

Your morning and your sunset

Are enveloped with the veil of Love

Make your day a joyous one

Do not hold wickedness in your heart

Jealousy and envy are tools for the wicked

Greed and selfishness are the shackles of hopelessness

Do not fear

Fear does not have a stake in your life

Do not be discouraged

By the winds of wickedness

It’s the power of Love in you that can withstand turmoil

It’s the light in you that pierces the storm

It’s the hope in you that opens the gate of eternity

Be in Love

Do not judge

Judgement is for the blind

Be the Love

For Love is the fountain of life


© Kenneth Maswabi








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