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This poem is not an ego trip

Poem: Spirituality and Ego


The human mind is a paradox

Capable of absorbing both light and darkness

The human mind is like a big spatula

That feeds you with problems and solutions

Sometimes the problems tip the scale

And your mind goes into overdrive

Unable to let go

It twists and turns in pain

Until all its strength is exhausted

And it allows you to slide into the abyss of darkness

The human mind is not an instrument of eternity

It’s a tool for survival in this short life-span

But it’s capable of ruining your entire existence

Ego is the accumulation of subtle but toxic elements of the mind

That are far more dangerous than the temporal feeling of pride

It’s capable of submerging you in delusions

Giving you a feeling of ecstasy

Ego will drown you in toxic thoughts and emotions

And leave you to rot in hell

It’s imperative that we deface this monster

And allow true knowledge to seep through our body, mind and soul

Ego will not give you happiness, peace and Love

It will only make you toxic

Until you are a walking sponge of wickedness

Ego will give you temporal success

Only to spit at you on your death bed

Ego will not allow you to be humble or gentle

It will kill all of your compassion

And puncture your vessel of goodness

Ego will amputate your pedestal of unconditional Love

And leave you holding onto hopelessness

Ego will feed you with power

And puncture your heart

You will be dead inside

But very successful in life

You will be full of despair

And loneliness

You will be an open casket

While walking the street of life

Spirituality allows you to wake up

And be conscious of your true self

Spirituality allows you to lean not to your understanding

You will learn to see with your heart

And reap the fruits of the spirit

You will find happiness, peace and Love

In the bowl of existence






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