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This poem is a classroom

Poem: Spirituality and knowledge


It’s common to imbibe in all sorts of knowledge

We have been led to believe that information is power

Or education is the key to success

Our education was curtailed towards filling us with certain knowledge

With assumptions that we are born empty of knowledge

Humanity has made extensive progress in the accumulation of new knowledge

And these variants of knowledge have led to big progress in technology

Simplifying life and bring comfort and wealth to some

But it’s also true that mankind is ever sinking into the world of uncertainty

Every progress we make has a big price attached to it

The latest nuclear weapon technology can wipe away the whole planet

Or cause unimaginable destruction

It’s imperative that we re-define knowledge and progress

And factor in spiritual knowledge

Spirituality offers us a pedestal to sit on

Spiritual knowledge is not based on time and space

It’s the substance of existence

It’s not based on temporal changes in our perceptions

And the fluctuations of thoughts and emotions

It’s not dependent on the intelligence quotient (IQ)

Or any modalities of privilege

It’s not based on acquired identities, achievements, expectations and attachments

Spiritual knowledge is not based on education and attainment of certain skills

It’s based on the illumination of the fibre of existence

You have to allow yourself to be submerged in Silence or Nothingness

And exist at the dimensionless existence

Spiritual knowledge offers us hope, faith and Love

The path of Light (God) illuminated

In the place of uncertainty and fear

Spiritual knowledge gives us the platform to dress ourselves with hope, faith and Love

In the place of mankind’s inherent impulse to destroy one another

Spiritual knowledge offers us unconditional Love – the everlasting existence

It’s imperative we rethink our impulse to dismiss Silence

And learn to accept our place in the field of nothingness

It’s here where we will learn true knowledge

And drink from the river of life

We will learn to let go of all our acquired knowledge

And allow the spirit to cleanse and rejuvenate us

We will learn to look not with our eyes but with our hearts

We will learn that selfishness is never a solution

And that wickedness is foolishness

We will learn to eat from the tree of life

The fruits of the spirit will be our nourishment

Humility, peace, gentleness, kindness and Love will be our daily habits

We will learn that true Love last forever

We will become part of the eternal awareness

And be sons and daughters of God

We will be in Love with Love

We will be the Love

God is Love


©Kenneth Maswabi





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