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This poem is opens the door back to ourselves.

Poem: Spirituality and Loneliness


Our destiny is not in dispute

Our vessel is eternity

Our being is nothingness

Our existence is unconditional Love

Our story is born out of the womb of faith, hope and Love

It’s only through the emptiness of the heart that we are complete

Our true nature is the spirit

Our fibre is submerged in total awareness

It’s the wealth of nothingness that addresses our needs

Now, what is Loneliness?

It’s the loss of touch with your emptiness (nothingness)

Loneliness is poverty of the spirit

Loneliness is born out of a materialistic view of life

Everything is subjected to the test of physicality (time and space)

And nothingness is discarded

It’s the emptiness of silence that holds the cure to loneliness

One has to learn to come to grips with the true face of reality

And find solace in the bowl of existence

One has to let go

Of all the acquired knowledge

And be empty of knowing

It’s only then that true knowledge will be availed

Happiness, peace and Love

Faith, hope and Love

Humility, compassion and goodness

Gentleness and kindness will be undressed

And Loneliness will never be known


©Kenneth Maswabi


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