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This poem is the illuminated Light.

Poem: Spirituality and Materialism


In our hearts

There is no place for anything else

Except our being

What is our being?

It’s the undiluted state of existence – nothingness

Empty of all our acquired thoughts and emotions (selves)

Including ego, fear, selfishness, and wickedness

Identities, attachment, achievements and expectations

Our being requires body, mind and soul to be in complete abeyance

For us to taste true happiness, peace and Love

It’s only through faith, hope and Love that we can bring ourselves to nothingness

And be partakers at the table of unconditional Love

Now, what is materialism?

It’s not the possession or accumulation of material things including money & wealth

Materialism is the complete contamination of our being

With thoughts, emotions and anything else that occupies the fabric of nothingness

It is great to work hard and fill our lives with achievements, identities and dreams

But it’s forbidden to hold those achievements or identities in our hearts

As a replacement for the fabric of being – nothingness

It’s a waste of time to be full of ego for a moment only to be lost to the everlasting embrace

Spirituality means nothing to those who have not tasted nothingness

It’s only through our nakedness (spirit) that we can be empty of our acquired selves

It’s only through unconditional Love that one finds true happiness, peace and hope

Now, how do we keep our being undiluted?

It’s through solitude, silence and stillness that our body, mind and soul can be cleansed

It’s through the fruits of the spirit (prayer, kindness, goodness, gentleness, compassion and humility) that we are dressed with unconditional Love

It’s never too late to embark on the journey of the spirit

Where you will find your true being – nothingness

The everlasting existence – eternity


©Kenneth Maswabi




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