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This poem reveals the answers to our current questions.

Poem: Spirituality and the current life experiences

Looking at the current world events

We are all forced to gather ourselves

Under the tent of life

And reflect on our life experiences

As we struggle with our thoughts and emotions

We should be aware of own shortcomings

And not rush to make harsh judgements

We should undress ourselves of all knowing

And submerge ourselves into the realm of awareness

It’s here where we will fetch clarity and wisdom

And we will be able to ask difficult questions

Not to brutalize one another

But to pour Light into one another

It’s only through the unbiased state of nothingness

That we will be able to resolve our differences

The biggest obstacle right now is the heightened sense of fear

We have gathered lots of fear over the past year or years

And we are cornered in our own subconscious worlds

Struggling with the monsters of hopelessness, hatred and fear

We are ready to deploy the ancient instinctive weapons of tribal defence

We are ready to surround ourselves with like-minded people

And poison our perceived opponents or enemies

We are ready to gather our spears and fight with whoever is in front of us

We are ready to skip diplomacy and spill blood

It’s the mind that is overwhelmed

Not the fibre of being (consciousness)

This is a spiritual warfare

Humanity is being forced to abandon their mind-based philosophies

And delve into the realm of consciousness (body, mind and soul)

We need to deploy the full spectrum of our consciousness

And learn to consume Silence, prayer and meditation

It’s through this illogical acts that we will come to our senses

We will realize the futility of hate, fear, judgement and hopelessness

We will close our eyes and the wisdom of God will be our path

We will follow the path of Light

And all the poison in our body, mind and soul will be cleansed

We will bow together inside the tabernacle of humanity

And nothing will be impossible



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