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This poem is submerged in the ocean of the spirit.

Poem: Spirituality Illuminated


In my stupidity

I listened to silence

Whispering sweet nothings

I relented to its wish

To bind my hands and mind

And seal my lips

I agreed to be consumed

Swallowed whole by the mouth of silence

I was not afraid of the unknown

I held onto the hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel

I did not know what kind of universe I was entering

I did not want to lean onto my fears

And scatter my hopes

I was willing to drink from this mysterious well

Not knowing that true Light

Come out of nothingness

I followed the footsteps of silence

Into the heart of Love

I couldn’t believe it

When I stood before the mirror

And saw my nakedness

My ego dethroned

I was inside the chamber of light

In my nakedness

I saw the Truth

And my existence ceased to exist

As I melted into the realm of the spirit

Far away from the eyes of man

I was alone inside the aloneness

I was nothing inside nothingness

All my hopes and my thoughts

Were meaningless

All my desires and fears

Were scattered

I was truly naked

And my nakedness

Was made of hope, faith and Love

This knowledge was beyond logic

I could not admit to myself

That I was the ocean of consciousness

I was the beauty in every flower

I was the Love in every heart

I was the light in every eye

I was the solid monument of hope

I was the Truth

I was the Love

I was eternity

Then i woke up from this marvellous dream

Possessed by the mysterious spell of Love

Illuminated by the sacred Light

I was home

Totally dressed in life

I am a spirit poet


©Kenneth Maswabi


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