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This poem is a spiritual farm

Poem: Spirituality is like farming


It is an art, a full time job and a sacrifice

Not to be confused with a hobby

You have to find your true self first

And accept that you are an empty field

That needs to be continuously cleared of any debris

Fear, hopelessness and uncertainty are the debris

Selfishness and wickedness are the weeds

That can choke your crops and pollute your soil

Like a canvas that awaits the painter

You have to be unfolded and displayed

You should be free from any specks of logic

Or any acquired knowledge

No identities, attachments and expectations

All material achievements are meaningless

There is no place for ego

Ego is a poisonous chemical that will kill your crops

It is the substance of being that needs to be cultivated

And Silence (or stillness) is the atmosphere that brings rain

The substance of being is a rich fertile ground

Nothingness is grown here

This is the template for everything

Peace, humility, compassion, hope, kindness and Love

Are crops in this sacred farm

Unconditional Love is the most important plant

Because it is a source of peace, hope and happiness

It is capable of feeding millions of people

It has medicinal properties and can heal all diseases

It is also used to bind relationships into bundles of joy

Unconditional Love is the most beautiful flower

Decorating the substance of being with its amazing petals and colours

It is the substance of unmatched beauty that attracts angels

To come and watch it and marvel at its unimaginable radiance

It is a source of the perfect Light that illuminates all of eternity

Above all, unconditional Love is the substance of God


©Kenneth Maswabi




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