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This poem is standing tall

Poem: Standing tall amidst the turbulent times


You don’t have to bend backwards

The field of uncertainty is a mirage

Life is always hostile and friendly

It is only that this time around we were all affected

By the same painful strokes from the hand of time

Our wounds will heal

And life will get back to normal

We will laugh again

And embrace our beloved friends

We will taste goodness

And some will even go back to their old ways

Licking from the pot of wickedness

They will stuff themselves with evil

And forget about others

It is human nature to forget

And wallow in misery


We were given a glimpse into the abyss of the unknown

We were harshly treated by the Covid-19 pandemic

We were taught a harsh lesson


It is up to each and every individual

To reflect and open their hearts

We need to learn from this lesson


Make wise decisions

Let us hold hope higher than fear

Let us walk on the path of Light

Let Love lead in our lives

Let us heal the world

Not only from the traumatic experiences of the pandemic

But from all ills of life: poverty, diseases, hatred, climate change, inequality…etc

Let us face each other and care for each other

Let us be a beacon of hope

Let us stand tall


©Kenneth Maswabi



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