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This poem is submerged in Nothingness.

Poem: Submerged in Nothingness


Submerged in the fabric of consciousness

I am inside the stillness of eternity

I feel closer than usual to the cord of life

I feel every spectacle inside the fibre of being

I feel every ounce of pain wielded against the womb of life

I feel the pulsating vessel of life in full throttle inside the heart of humanity

I feel connected to the fabric of consciousness

It’s a mystery that I am alive even as my life has been emptied of me (ego)

Inside the realm of nothingness

I am now one with the cosmic winds

I am one with the altar of being

I am one with the sacrificial lamb

I am one with you

It’s not a mystery that I am not far away from you

I am inside the fabric of consciousness

The fibre of being is my temple

The heart of humanity is my home

I am a citizen of eternity

And every fibre of my being is submerged in Silence

Not even the winds of existence can blow away this Silence

I am totally undressed of fear, hopelessness and uncertainty

I am putting on a garment of Love

My whole being is dissolved

Under the intense Light of Love

It’s true I am who I am


©Kenneth Maswabi



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