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This poem is about hope.

Poem: Sunrise


At this hour of the day

The world is reeling from Covid-19 pandemic

It’s nauseating to see the number of new infections

It’s beyond sorrow to think about the dead

Many countries are severely affected

Many families are torn apart

By this paranormal activity

It’s only hope that can bring us back to sanity

It’s the sunrise of a new day that will give us hope

Many avenues of hope are now open

As the rays of hope are starting to be seen

New vaccines are entering the house of hope

It’s too early to celebrate

The day is still young

It’s the morning of a new day

Many are still suckling under the belly of hopelessness

It’s now or never that humanity must stand together

And offer each other hope

The political side of things is also unfolding

A new chapter is being written

Many are hopeful

That the world will rise again

Humanity will stand again

Nations will stand together

United we stand

As we gather inside the tent of hope

To start the healing process

To start a new day


©Kenneth Maswabi



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