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This poem talks about the accumulated pile of empty promises leading to people erupting into action.

Poem: Swollen vessels

These vessels are swollen

Not because of elevated blood pressure

Or the destructive path of COVID-19 Outbreak

These vessels are full of empty promises

Politicians promising to eliminate all forms of injustices

Doctors promising a cure to every disease

Husbands and wives promising each other “until death do us part”

World leaders promising us peace

It’s a path of empty promises

Humanity entangled with wickedness

Spitting out venom to the meek

Killing people because of the colour of their skin

The streets of life painted red

Face masks hiding the pain and turmoil

Swollen vessels protruding from their minds

Preventing the flow of consciousness

As they shouted “I cannot breathe”

Until chaos erupted

Looting and violence on the streets

Social distancing erased by turmoil

The brutal truth is hard to swallow

Enough is enough

Stop…I can’t breathe


© Kenneth Maswabi




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