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This poem is a warning…let’s heed the Climate Change call.

Poem: Tainted blood


The sun is dressed in red

Not to plead guilty

For its hot temper

But to announce

Its disgust

At the table of humanity

We have abandoned our mandate

Forsaking our God-given task

To be the caretakers of the planet

Now we listen to the thunder

Hoping for rain

And all we get is hunger

The climate is damaged

El Niño is the name of the new governor

There is no mercy

Just the heat from the sun

Sucking us dry

It’s the discourse of climate change

That rings the bell of truth

It’s not too late

To retrospect

And pour our hearts out

Into the bowl of truth

Our tainted blood

Shall be cleansed

And our mandate renewed

We will sit at the table of humanity

Together with the Sun

We will rebuild our relationship

We will know peace

We will have rain

We shall hunger no more

We shall be the true caretakers of the planet again


Dedicated to all Climate Change Activists!

©Kenneth Maswabi


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