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This poem unveils the canvas of existence.

Poem: Tapestry of beauty


Far higher in the upper realms of consciousness

Multitudes of heavenly beings

Bear witness

To the unfolding flower

That forms the core of your being

You are that tapestry of beauty

Every layer of life is wrapped around you

And the truth flows from every pore of your spirit

You are the most radiant being in existence

Your petals are made of the purest fabric of consciousness

Your being is fetched from the purest fountain of life

You are celebrated as an image of God

You stand outside the perimeter of logic

You stand inside the womb of existence

You are creation’s finest fabric

The canvas of Light

You are the illuminated strand of existence

You are beautiful beyond words

You are the encapsulated seed

That conceived the stem of life

Gave birth to the tree of life

Fostered the fruits of the spirit

Allowing Love to bloom

You are the tapestry of beauty


©Kenneth Maswabi





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