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This poem tells a story of Africa…a beautiful story.

Poem: The Africa i know


In the recorded history of mankind

Africa is not a story of success

It’s a story of toil and blood

Slavery and colonialism

Bread crumbs and poverty

Pandemonium and pandemics

Scary beasts and wild stories

Africa has never been about

Apricots and the good life

Milk and honey

Chocolate and wild berries

Peace and quiet

Tranquillity redefined

Simplicity at its best

Natural and untainted

Harmony and hospitality

Hugs and laughs

Sweet melodies and big drums

The spirit of Africa has never been shared

The truth is hard to swallow

Africa is a beautiful place

In its natural landscape

And good hearted people

Its diversity of colour

And multiple languages

Its undiscovered talents

Traditional medicine

And undeveloped beauty

Its beautiful shores

And wild berries

Africa is a gem


Waiting to be discovered

Not by hands of selfishness

But by precious hearts

Not by hungry political ideologies

But by the spirit of Love

Not by calculating economists

But by selfless entrepreneurs

Not by blazing guns

But by good men and women

Not by big brands of capitalism

But by the heart of humanity


©Kenneth Maswabi




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