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This poem is a journey of hope.

Poem: The Answer is Life


Life was not meant to be forever beautiful

Or hazy, dry and rigid

Life is an ornament that needs your attention

It is a flower that needs to be nourished

It is a sky that is full of uncertainty

Life is a door that leads to your true self

It is a mirror that holds the sacred image

Life is a canopy in a jungle of emotions

A tree with many nests

Life is a pyramid for the ancient to be known

A miracle for the unknown to be seen

Life is a pendulum of joy and sorrow

A roller-coaster of beauty and ugliness

A prelude to the most amazing existence

Or a painful existence before the dawn of awareness

Life is a painful sore that needs to be punctured

A scab that needs to be addressed

Life is a myriad of simplicity and complexity

An institution of learning and unlearning

A bastion of hope and a river of extreme desires

Life is not a puzzle but a muzzle

To restrict and retain the inner self

To release and pour out the outer self

Like a fantastic dream

Life is folded in a mysterious vase

You need to unbutton yourself to see it

It is the sacred tabernacle of mercy

The template of grace

Life is the answer to all problems

The problem to all answers

Life is the epitome of your best attributes

And the valley of your tears

Life is the common denominator

In an equation of joy and sorrow

Life is the unrestricted prescription of mercy

The unsaid word and the echo of hope

Life is you and me, together as one

Life is the human spirit enshrined in the temple of humanity

Life is the absence of logic and the presence of you

In an everlasting ocean of awareness


©Kenneth Maswabi


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