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This poem is the inner workings of the silence within.

Poem: The apparatus of our inner being


There are no pins and needles inside the inner being

The substance of being is forever submerged in peace, hope and Love

The apparatus of our inner selves is totally hidden from the thorns of life

It is the outer being that faces all the uncertainties of life

It is the outer being that is bombarded by the harsh storms of life

Now, it is your sole responsibility to choose where you spend most of your time

Either you choose to be totally surrounded by the fabric of your inner being

Or subjected to the continuous tumultuous storms in the open seas of life

The apparatus of the inner being is made out of Silence, Emptiness and Nothingness

The outer being is a podium for the five senses

To wreak havoc on the fabric of our well-being

Unless, we choose to balance our existence

Spending more time within the confines of our inner being

We will forever be subjected to the ups and downs of our thoughts and emotions

We will not be insulated from the gigantic winds of uncertainty

Pain, sorrow and hopeless will forever be at our doorstep

The inner being houses the simplest defence mechanism against uncertainty

Silence of the body, mind and soul is the only known mechanism against turmoil

This is the sacred state of being that was created for all of us

To inhabit and fully submerge ourselves into the fabric of existence

To nourish, polish and rejuvenate our consciousness

The apparatus of our inner being is a tabernacle

A place to be empty of needs, wants, likes and desire

An altar to burn all your fears, pain, hatred and hopelessness

A fool proof vault that houses our nakedness (spirit)

The apparatus of our inner being is the temple of peace, hope and Love

A precious sacred gift that is stuffed with nothingness

On this pedestal, you are the summit of existence


©Kenneth Maswabi



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