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This poem is awareness.

Poem: The Art of Knowing


Many people chose the path of knowledge

Not knowing that knowledge is a substance

Not to be consumed with narrow mindedness

But to absorbed with no strings attached

Now, many people are stuck in their bubble of knowledge

They have unloaded all their personalities into this tiny box

They have solidified their identities onto this thin branch of life

They have constructed a profile based on a drop of knowledge

Their career has followed a path of knowledge leading to the smallest puddle

And they are now drank with this small amount of knowing

Not aware of the vast ocean of awareness

They have built their name around this dwindling puddle

Expecting it to be a stream of knowledge

But it’s just a small pond

It can only satisfy a few people

Now, we are all walking around with pieces of knowledge

And most of the time it is worthless and irrelevant

We keep it in our lockers, briefcases and mind

And pray for it to be needed, to be relevant

We have to go back to the path of knowledge

And understand the purpose of knowing

We have to drink from the ocean of awareness

Then we will fold our little pieces of knowledge

And place it on the shredder

Because we don’t want to be limited

By the small drops of knowing

When there is a vast ocean of awareness

That awaits our presence

The art of knowing is not found in the book of knowledge

The art of knowing is actually found on the open sea of awareness

Don’t be consumed by knowledge

Be consumed by the possibility of opening new channels of knowing

And follow your heart to the realm of the unknown


©Kenneth Maswabi



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