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This poem is not art but a portrait of Poetry.

Poem: The Art Of Poetry


Out of the canvas of consciousness

Words are poured onto the fabric of being

Filled with ecstasy and sometimes tears

This words speak volumes

To those who are battered by the winds of time

Or those who are at the seat of success

The art of poetry is consumed by Poets

Mystics, dreamers and seekers

The art of Poetry is a flow of nothingness

A beautiful garden of consciousness

The art of poetry is like a filament

Not filled with sap or water

But by tiny pearls

Molecules of sorrow, peace, joy and love

Filtered and poured on the substance of being

The art of poetry is not a political or religious statement

The art of poetry is a melting pot of human emotions, thoughts and spirit

It’s a cup full of Silence or sometimes emptiness

Not to be confused with an empty cup

But a vessel for life to flow through

For peace to hold onto

And love to abound

The art of Poetry is a window into the soul

A path for consciousness to follow and occupy

Life to be nourished


©Kenneth Maswabi



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