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This poem is sorrow on the streets of life

Poem: The Atrocities of Life


The streets are talking

Life is full of atrocities

The educated are roaming the streets

While the uneducated are fully at rest

Inside their makeshift burrows

Whether it’s a stall or a cattle-post

Chronically neglected

The uneducated are not bothered

By the piercing pain of unemployment and poverty

They have accepted that only time will tell


Children are born equal in the eyes of God

But inequality is poured on them

Immediately they are born

Those born under the squalor of poverty

Are immediately gowned with doom

And those born under the pot of materialism

Are adorned with gold and diamonds


The fit and healthy with bodies full of toned muscles

Are parading fashion shows and catwalks

While those with plump bodies are occupying the seat of power

Politicians don’t go to the gym

Because their playground is the mind of the people


Celebrities are raking in millions of dollars in earnings

For their appearance inside the vogue magazines of these world

While professors are toiling inside stacks of paper and fumes of scientific wizardry

Publishing their own madness for a meagre salary

Poets are preaching Love inside the trenches of their insanity

While prosperity gospel pastors are raking in money inside the churches of today

And fake prophets are peddling lies outside the Word of God

Having forsaken the truth


It is these atrocities of life that give me the power to write

Because these anomalies are the cause of strife

My pen cannot partake in these atrocities

Because it is a hospital for those who have dreams

Humanity will never find rest until he wakes up

From the nightmare of life’s atrocities


©Kenneth Maswabi


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