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This poem unveils the awakened sense of life.

Poem: The awakened sense of life


Consciousness is the awakened sense of life

That permeates the fabric of existence

In every particle and every article

Consciousness is the sole denominator

Occupying the cumbersome position of awareness

And the foundation of all things, seen and unseen

Known and unknown

It is the absolute realization of the substance of nothingness

The totality of all knowing, understanding and wisdom

The bedrock on which everything is found

Consciousness is not a subject inside the classroom of science

Because it occupies the classroom of all knowledge

Consciousness is the ultimate state of knowing

And the summit of awareness

The beginning and the end of all things, the dimensionless realm

Consciousness permeates all surfaces and all spheres of influence

Consciousness is the bright light inside all of us

When switched on, it illuminates the substance of being

Totally rendering us naked of all the man-made concepts of being

The delusions, hallucinations and illusions are wiped away

Consciousness has the ability to undress us of our identities

And address the nakedness of our being

Filling us with the scared substance of existence – unconditional Love


©Kenneth Maswabi



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