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This poem is a classroom of wisdom.

Poem: The beginning of wisdom


Wisdom has no classroom

God made it quite simple

You drink from the river of life

And pour your true self on the fabric of existence

Then you will be given wisdom, understanding and divine knowledge

Now, many people are attracted by titles and achievements

And fail to report back at the tabernacle of existence

The world is a place for us to experience desires, various tastes, joy and sorrow

It is a place to conquer fear, hopelessness and pain

The world is a classroom for the spirit

To learn selflessness and compassion

It is a place for us to rise above the shining pot of materialism (physicality)

And be the pedestal of hope

The world is like a forest with many poisonous beautiful wild berries

And the only good berries are the ones you brought from home

Don’t be tempted to be attached to what you see, feel, taste or hear

Just enjoy the experience and the beautiful scenery

The world is a place for our body, mind and soul to learn to work together

And conquer the forces of selfishness, wickedness and evil

This is the divine wisdom

Learn to tame your thoughts and emotions

And you will be liberated to be the eternal flame

The everlasting life

You will hold nothingness in your being

Regardless of all your possessions, identities, attachments and achievements

Remain empty, hold only to Silence

It is the way of unconditional Love

It is the purest state of being

The Sacred Spirit

©Kenneth Maswabi



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