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This poem speaks from my heart.

Poem: The best poem comes from the heart


Poetry is not a contact sport

It is an infiltration into the deepest parts of being

You don’t have to be big and have gigantic stature to excel

You just need to have a heart that is open and humble

The lessons of poetry are everywhere

Scattered by the winds of the spirit

Like seedlings, they sprout out of the unknown

Carrying loads of hope and life

And sometimes pain, sorrow and tears

The best poem comes from the heart

Not to stab and ferociously attack others

But to bring meaning to their situation or circumstances

And hopefully bring healing to their lives

We are all afflicted by many illness

Some are difficult to spot and diagnose

Embedded deep in our psyches and spirit

They need specialists to identify and destroy them

There are no better tools than words

To penetrate the deepest parts of our being

And dissect the most complex situations and circumstances

Spiritual illnesses like loneliness and despair are neglected

Spiritual medications like Love and hope are shunned

Only the best poem can dispense these sacred pearls

Into a world that is hostile and full of recklessness

Pride and ego have put a barrier around our minds and lives

Logic has poisoned most of our fellow human beings

We are living in an upside down world

Where the most basic lessons of enlightenment are seen as madness

Spirituality is not palatable to many people’s tongues

Poetry is a bandage that can wrap around our wounds and tongues

Until our body, mind and soul find healing

This is the reason why we are obsessed with writing poetry

To touch the heart of humanity and heal the world


Inspired by Poet Naitwa Lewis


©Kenneth Maswabi

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