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This poem is a warning to all fools

Poem: The birth of a knowledgeable fool


Today, we announce the birth of a knowledgeable fool

This fool is not only knowledgeable

He is full of pride

And has brought a lot of misery into the community

Because of his knowledge, he banned all laughter

And removed all smiles from our lips

Because of his knowledge, he created chaos on the streets

And helped erect a monument of foolishness on the face of humanity

This knowledgeable fool is rich, connected and powerful

But his wealth, connection and power cannot enhance humanity

He has a grim face and wears a lot of make-up to create an aura of likeability

This fool wears Prada, Gucci, Versace and all the top brands

But inside his heart he is an abyss, empty of human feelings

His poverty does not decorate his house

But is firmly planted in his heart

This knowledgeable fool has so many achievements

Which includes exploitation, harassment, racism and bigotry

He has all the principles of foolishness

And wears them across his face

Let us be aware of this man or woman

He is a chameleon, able to disguise his disgusting personality

With a glittering demeanour

This fool is everywhere, in every country and race

In all the television networks and social media

He is a professor of everything

His tongue is sweet, sour, and bitter

His language is disturbed, full of profanities and hostile

He is a newly branded moron

But he doesn’t know it


Note: This is just a poem, it is meant to stimulate your mind…


©Kenneth Maswabi


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