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This poem is a spiritual lesson

Poem: The birth of Knowledge


Once upon a timelessness

A spark of knowledge was ignited

Inside the everlasting substance of being (Spirit)

Before all the textbooks of Science were written

Knowledge was present

Before all the greatest Scientists made their discoveries

Knowledge filled every aspect of the cosmos

It is true that knowledge permeates every aspect of existence

It is also true that true knowledge is the absence of uncertainty

It is therefore true that before the universe was formed

Knowledge existed in its purified form – nothingness

The advent of time and space brought all the impurities

And knowledge was tainted by the cosmic dust

Hidden under the invisible spectrum of light for eons of years

Knowledge was forbidden from entering our burgeoning existence

Then the capsule of knowledge was ruptured

And religion was formed

The second capsule of knowledge exploded

And science was born

It is not the presence of advanced technologies

Or the newly formed knowledge of artificial intelligence

That will guide our existence as humanity

It is the realization that knowledge is meaningless

Unless we apply true knowledge to the equation of life

Spirituality and consciousness are the pillars of true knowledge

It is time to awaken to the old reality

And embrace our being

It is time to exist outside our newly acquired knowledge

And be the substance of eternity or certainty

©Kenneth Maswabi


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