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This poem opens the curtains of the lost reality.

Poem: The birth of materialism


Man brought his collection of beautiful artefacts with him

From the realm of the spirit to the world of physics

It was intended to address his spiritual needs

And to nourish his sense of heaven

The sweet colourful waters of the spirit

The pleasant smells of heaven

And the melodies of Love

Engraved into the petals of life

From the womb of our consciousness

We conceived a beautiful dream

A new world was born

Full of exotic smells, bright colours and sweet melodies

The sounds of our newly found world

Drew us closer to our heavenly abode

The colours in our newly found home

Reminded us of our heavenly veils

The smells in our newly built wilderness

Fondled our precious spiritual memories

Temporarily taking away our loneliness

For a while

We were happy to explore the limits of the new world

We were attracted to the illusion that has solidified on the petals of life

We were fooled by a strange ticklish sensation in our minds

That arouse out of our mushrooming curiosity

We were lost in our newly found dream

Our hearts were paralysed by our newfound spectacle

We were drowning in a pool of our own delusions

Our consciousness had painted our heavenly abode

On the solid canvas of this world

We were too busy to notice

Our changing state of being

As our egos grew bold

Selfishness was taking root

Wickedness was unfolding its branches

And we were buried in the fog of our dream

We were carried by the flow of our own blindness

Into the furthest edges of our heavenly reality

We lost our eternal light

And our hopes were dimmed

Our Love became cold

And our faith weathered

Under the blinding sunlight

We became the elements of time

Our heavenly reign forgotten

Our hearts broken

We grew cold

And found new ways to warm our hearts

We started seeking for things

That can replace our happiness

And take away our loneliness

We foraged further and further away

From the realm of our spirit

Into the field of logic

We found ourselves

Buried in complex mathematical explorations

In an attempt to uncover our lost path

But we stumbled across physics

And the physical world became our home

We became material beings

Seeking after material things



Kenneth Maswabi










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