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This poem is not a book…it’s us.

Poem: The book about us


In this book

Let’s lose our identities

Fold our expectations

And delete our achievements

Let not attachments be our shackles

Let us be humanity

With our many faces

Let us form a new song

With our many races

Let us unite under the tree of life

With our hearts

Let us form a ribbon of Love

With our Love

Let’s create a caring and loving nation

With our nation

Let us be under one roof of consciousness

With our consciousness

Let’s create a utopia

An oasis of being

Where peace is a nest

Love is the fabric

And hope is the branch

We can all be nourished under one spirit

And have the fulfilment of not one life time but eternity

We can all stand on the pages of history

Not as numbers in statistics books

But as humanity

Not as poor and rich

But as us

We can close the chapters of this book

With the following words

I love you

Not because you have fed or clothed me

But because you are the fibre of my being

Together we are the womb

That conceives the threads

That we call our reality

Let us pray together

Under the dome of Silence

Holding each other

With the ribbon of Love


©Kenneth Maswabi




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