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This poem has lifted the curtain of awareness.

Poem: The book of illnesses


I am not going to repeat myself

This is not a medical textbook

The pathogenesis of these illnesses is a mystery

These are the illnesses of the soul

Forget the body and mind for now

Just open your heart

And observe the healing power of awareness

This is not a classroom of science

It’s a revelation of the horrors within

Loneliness is a far more dangerous cancer of the soul

Than even the worst disease in the medical textbook

It feeds on the young and the old alike

Poor or rich, educated or not, healthy and unhealthy alike

Loneliness engulfs the soul

Distorting reality and puncturing the serenity of the spirit

Loneliness is one of the most common illnesses of the soul

It is a source of chronic despair, regardless of material wealth,

Achievements, attachments and identities

Loneliness vandalizes the spiritual connection with your true self and others

Leaving you helplessly lost, inside the physical world

It is the cause of restlessness, promiscuity and alcohol and drug abuse

The cure and therapy is unconditional Love

Selfishness is a disease of the Soul

It is the contamination of the soul with mental toxins (ego, power, control)

It is a far more dangerous state than we will ever know

It is the source of lies, deceit and wickedness

If not curtailed, selfishness will transform into pure evil

Selfishness is the cause of conflicts between individuals, wars between nations

And even genocide between tribes, cultures and nations

Selfishness is the most destructive of all the illnesses of the soul

It is disruptive and destructive to the house of humanity

Selfishness is very hard to cure, one needs to let the ego die

And be transformed into a selfless human being

Wickedness is an off-shoot of selfishness

It is the intoxication of the soul with evil

It is more focused on the spirit than the physical

It is rampant in families, within tribes, friendship cycles and work environments

It is a dangerous foolish game of the soul

It has destroyed many families, caused a lot of poverty, suffering and deaths

Wickedness is rarely curable with unconditional Love

Evil is not as common as we may think

But it is the total transformation of the human soul

Into a beast of the dark abyss of the unknown

It is the absence of the sacred Light

The inability to Love or be LOVED

As far as I know, evil has no cure


©Kenneth Maswabi


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