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This poem looks at the core of existence.

Poem: The bowl of consciousness


I cannot bury my head in the classroom of life

And pretend that I know it all

I will dip my body, mind and soul

Into the bowl of consciousness

And wait for the hands of creation

To embrace my being

I will pour myself into the womb of existence

And every fiber of my being will disappear

Into the ocean of nothingness

It’s here where I will build my school

With the twigs of silence

And pillars of hope

I will construct my classroom

It’s the ray of hope

That will inhabit my being

And Love will be my teacher

First, I will learn the art of humility

Kindness and compassion

Will be my strength

Peace and freedom

Will be my food

I will finally open my eyes

And wake up from my dream

The bowl of consciousness

Will forever be my poem



Kenneth Maswabi







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