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This poem delves into the complex issue of consciousness.



Poem: The bowl of poetry


In the cosmic language

There is no time for reality

Because reality is a process of consciousness

It’s outside our realm of consciousness

That intergalactic pilgrims are assembled

Massive asteroids are sent forth

To the edges of the known worlds

To pour light into the blackboard of space

And illuminate the hidden foreign particles of knowledge

Mathematical equations that hover above the fabric of understanding

Are needed to produce adequate room for the next voyage

It’s total madness but yet it’s all logical

For a senseless stone (asteroid) to follow a certain path

Obeying all the rules of the universe

Disregarding the protruding eyes of consciousness

To dip themselves in the cold pool of mystery

Maybe it’s true that we have a limited surface of understanding

Choosing to constrain the filaments of logic inside our limited vision

Maybe logic is not the foundation of the universe

It’s a complicated set of mathematical theorems

That will finally annihilate the founding principles of mathematics

And make way for a better concept

That is based in the infinite structure of consciousness

The bowl of poetry contains the heart of consciousness

It’s true poets are continuously pouring themselves into the fabric of consciousness

To try and decode the hidden meaning of reality

Throughout history, poets have illuminated the madness behind logic

Pushing for the collective consciousness

To openly adopt a more inclusive definition of reality

©Kenneth Maswabi




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